Tuesday, March 27, 2012

David Parsons faces vote of no confidence at special meeting

David Parsons, the Conservative Leader of Leicestershire County Council, will face a vote of no confidence at special meeting on 18 April. This follows the revelation that he has cost taxpayers more than £1m in expenses and allowances over the past five years.

Today's Leicester Mercury quotes Simon Galton, the Lib Dem leader on the council:
The reputation of the council is at stake and we've got to the stage where a public debate is needed about the leader's future. 
"The uncertainty surrounding the leader's position is starting to impact on the day-to-day business of the council. 
"When you sit down with a senior officer to discuss an issue the first thing they want to know is what's going to happen to David Parsons."
Parsons' response, again as quoted by the Mercury, is:
"This is a political stunt. The Conservative group will unite and I think I will remain as leader."
Given that there were calls from Parsons' fellow Tories for him to go last month after earlier allegations of irregularities over his expenses, I do not fancy his chances of surviving.

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