Monday, March 12, 2012

Six of the Best 233

Simon Goldie has an early review of The Alternative View by Lembit Opik and Ed Joyce. The ideas expressed in the book sound interesting, but I am afraid I lost patience with Lembit some time ago, even though I voted for him as Lib Dem President when he stood against Simon Hughes.

"It is not possible to govern the nation well when the minor party of Coalition behaves like a student collective, reserving the right to withdraw support from legislation according to the whims of its unelected activists and a bizarre vote counting algorithm." I think it is fair to say that Graeme Archer, writing on the Daily Telegraph site, was not impressed by the Liberal Democrats' Spring Conference in Gateshead.

A Liberal MP who solves crimes and brings murders to justice? Steven Fielding writes on Lucy Beatrice Malleson's private detective hero Scott Egerton.

Anyone who moves in journalistic or social media circles in Leicester will know John Coster of Citizens' Eye. Here he is profiled by Derek Howie.

"There is an ethereal quality to many of Goss’ photographs taken in the grey light of dawn, with just a few early birds on their way to work and no traffic at all on the road yet. These are quiet pictures in which silence is only interrupted by the echo of footsteps." Spitalfields Life on Charles Goss's photographs of Bishopsgate a century ago.

Even older are the photographs of the Crystal Palace as it was re-erected in South London in 1854 on The Passion of Former Days.


Frank Little said...

Those Scott Egerton books clearly deserve a TV series. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your link to Lembit's book links to its Amazon page rather than to Simon G's review.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks, Anon. I have fixed the link.