Friday, March 09, 2012

Welcome to Liberal Insight

Today has seen the launch of a new liberal think tank: Liberal Insight.

Introducing it on Liberal Democrat Voice, Tom Smith writes:
We face a fractured society with greater inequality, both of wealth and opportunity. We face existential threats to the welfare state and public services. Perhaps worst of all, we face a worrying disengagement not only from politics, but also from civil society, by a growing number of people. 
The Coalition provides liberals with an excellent opportunity to reverse this trend and some progress has already been made. The pupil premium, for example, is a perfect example of a far-sighted policy that tackles the causes, not just the symptoms, of social inequality. It will contribute to establishing the equality of opportunity that should be the cornerstone of any liberal society. 
We need to work out how to do better. How, for example, do we go beyond the pupil premium and reform the non-financial aspects of the education system? What would a liberal public healthcare system look like and how can we implement it in light of the Health and Social Care Bill? How can we best build local democratic institutions to deliver the real benefits that liberals have historically supported? How can we make sure governments here and abroad protect the environment and tackle our over-dependence on dwindling natural resources?

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