Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chelsea beat Napoli and redeem a lot of wasted evenings

I lived without a television for some years. For months after I made this decision I would go to the pub to watch all the big rugby and football games.

Yet at the end of it I would often be left thinking what a waste it had been of an evening or a Saturday afternoon. So after a while I gave up doing this.

Just occasionally, however, a game provides such drama and excitement that you will always remember it. Such a game was Chelsea's victory over Napoli last night.

To get the maximum from a game you have to be rooting for one of the teams and I have been a Chelsea fan since I was seven. I can see that others must dislike the club these days, but you cannot will yourself to fall in love or fall out of it.

These days I have a television again and can have the football on while doing other things. Not that I could take my eyes off the screen last night.

Perhaps the moral is that you have to experience a lot of dull games to be sure you will not miss the ones you will never forget.

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