Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Roger Helmer is a hypocrite

...as the new UKIP MEP for the East Midlands, who has just defected from the Conservative Party, cheerfully admits on the front page of his own website:
I have always argued that a parliamentarian who finds himself no longer able to support the Party should stand aside in favour of another Conservative, and I have roundly criticised former colleagues who failed to do so, like Bill Newton Dunn and Edward McMillan Scott.
There follows a piece of casuistry intended to show that his case is different, but I do not follow the logic of it.

At the root of all this nonsense lies the dreadful list system under which European elections are fought in this country. Chris Rennard, writing on PoliticsHome, has some sensible suggestions for improving it and diluting the power it gives party bosses in particular.

Roger Helmer of all people, given his run in with the Tory chair Baroness Warsi, should support this.

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