Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dog thrown off Ludlow Town Council

At least I assume it has been.

Back in August 2007 I reported that Sarky, a 'borderline terrrier' belonging to Ludlow town councillor Mitch Mitchell, has now won the right to attend meetings with his master.

Now comes news that Mr Mitchell has been removed from the council after failing to attend a meeting for six months.

The South Shropshire Journal report does not say so, but I this presumably means that Sarky has also lost the right to attend meetings too.

The good news is that, according to the same report, you can see:
Mr Mitchell, known as Mitch ... six days a week on King Street in Ludlow belting out tunes on his pipe with faithful companion Sarky the dog at his side.
And he has a cat called Tommy too.

I assume that Ludlow's Mitch Mitchell is not the Mitch Mitchell who used to play drums for Jimi Hendrix, not least because the latter died in 2008.

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farmland investment said...

Ah, but do we know if Mr. Mitchell may have had Sarky attending meetings in his stead? And, is Sarky named after Sarkozy??