Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Looking for St Albans Abbey

Not the Abbey - you can't miss that - but St Albans Abbey railway station.

The branch from Watford Junction does not reach St Albans City, the station used by trains to St Pancras, but has its own little terminus on the edge of the city. St Albans Abbey station was not that well signposted when I looked for it on Saturday, but I liked this little clue I came across on the edge of the Abbey grounds.

And when I found it I was impressed that the line to Watford was electrified and had modern trains of a sensible length operating on it.

One thing that could be improved is the ticketing arrangements. There is nowhere to buy a ticket at St Albans Abbey station and they are not sold on the train, so you have to queue to pay at the excess fares window at Watford Junction.

This line is now looked after by a community rail partnership and there are plans to convert the line to light rail operation to allow a more regular and frequent service.

A search on the web reveals that the city used to have a third station, St Albans London Road, on a line to Hatfield that also used to reach St Albans Abbey.

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