Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Six of the Best 235

There's plenty to beat the Lib Dems up over, but there's plenty of good coming out of the Coalition too, argues Neue Politik.

"Paxman is typically aggressive, provocative and rude. Sometimes smugly and smilingly condescending. And he almost always falls back on a small repertoire of tricks, such as 'How can you say that when... [Report X has said something different]?', 'Oh come off it!', 'Do you agree with [ally Y] when he says...?', 'Which is it: Yes or no?'" Hoping for More than Slogans has had enough of Newsnight. And so have I.

Writing for Reuters, Chris Vellacott looks at social change in London: "Economists are starting to warn of the dangers of displacing the middle classes and exaggerating a broader trend of rising inequality by importing more plutocrats."

Perdido Street School has been inspired by attending a Left Forum event called "The Luddites, Without Condescension" and has some interesting things to say about technology in the classroom.

The rise of the empowered employee is celebrated by Yammer.

Transpontine has turned up a shocking and unexpected event from history: a man shoots and kills his ex-fiancée at Nunhead railway station in March 1924.

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