Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blogging relieves loneliness in new mothers

New mothers who read and write blogs may feel less alone than mothers who do not participate in a blogging community, according to family studies researchers.

Brandon T. McDaniel, a graduate student in human development and family studies at Penn State University, together with colleagues from Brigham Young University, surveyed 157 new mothers about their media use and their well-being. The mothers were all first-time parents with only one child under the age of 18 months - most much younger than this.

The researchers report in the online version of Maternal and Child Health Journal that blogging had a positive impact on new mothers, but social networking - mainly Facebook and MySpace - did not seem to impact their well-being.

You can read the full story on the Penn State University website. And you may also be interested in a guest post on this blog by Ellen Arnison: Blogging for happiness.

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Ellen said...

Thanks for the mention.
It's good to see research backing up what we already suspect - blogging helps you feel better.