Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Raymond Briggs commercial for British Rail from 1988

A sweet television commercial drawn by Raymond Briggs for British Rail's Saver tickets in 1988.

And is that Johnny Morris doing the voice over?

Thanks to @BrownhillsBob on Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

What i can't really get is what the heck happened to commercials? They used to be so good and almost every commercial was enjoyable to watch and actually pushed you to buy/use stuff. It was fun, it was interesting, there has always been a story behind a commercial. Perfect example - Old Spice commercials - literally a masterpiece which is fun, enjoyable to watch, etc. Unfortunately, all commercials today are something like "go to the store, buy x, buy y, leave the store and come back to your home to use our useless product". No one is going to fall for that! Commercials should be INTERESTING, there should be a spark in it that will transfer to one's watching this. Bruh, commercials nowadays are bad. Although there has been a commercial on some site that made me to buy custom essays sociology. I'm just sad there is no good commercials anymore...