Monday, June 11, 2012

Six of the Best 253

"David Penhaligon is one my heroes. You can’t be a Cornishman and not have a soft spot for the man. He had the passion, humour, grace and humility which all us Cornish like to think typify the best of our county." Liberal Burblings on a great Liberal MP.

Lester Holloway asks what Tony Blair is doing in Africa.

"This summer, the city will become a fortress, protected by the largest aircraft carrier in the British Royal Navy, Eurofighter Typhoon jets, flying marksmen, more than 23,000 security personnel (including 13,500 British soldiers), and an array of new cameras added to a city that was already among the world's most heavily surveilled. As part of a $30.2 million contract, the American security company Rapiscan has delivered over 2,700 scanners to provide airport-level security for up to 200,000 visitors a day to the Olympic Park alone. Administering all of the searches and scans will be private guards hired by the U.K.-based security firm G4S, formerly known as Securicor." Fortune looks at the lock down of London for the Olympics.

Sock Puppets, a new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs, argues that when government funds the lobbying of itself it is subverts democracy and debases the concept of charity.

Local government cuts to archaeology matter to all of us, argues Jo Caruth on History Workshop Online.

In A City Living has a magnificent archive of old photographs of Liverpool.

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Gawain said...

Sock Puppets is an excellent, if occasionally overstated read: I regret that our party takes many such Puppets way too seriously; indeed many party policy protagonists probably feature among their employees. Qui Bono? should always be in our minds.