Friday, June 22, 2012

David Boyle to head Cabinet Office review of choice in public services

Now here's something that would not have happened without the Coalition. David Boyle - former Lib Dem candidate, former editor of Lib Dem News and my friend and sometime co-author - has been asked to lead an independent review of choice in public services by the Cabinet Office.

The Cabinet Office press release announcing the review says:
The Government today starts the next phase of its commitment to improve public services by increasing choice and giving people direct control over the services they use. Increased choice can greatly improve the quality of public services and equality of choice is an important part of this. 
To help us deliver equality, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander and Minister for Government Policy Oliver Letwin today announce the appointment of David Boyle, author and Fellow of the New Economics Foundation, to lead an independent choice review. 
The review will look into what people currently do with the choices that they have, whether barriers exist that are currently preventing individuals from exercising choice and the factors necessary to ensure choice is available to everyone. 
Mr Boyle will be speaking to a broad range of people from commissioners and providers to the users of public services and invites anyone with experiences or views they wish to share to contact him.
The release gives an email address at which David can be contacted.

I can think of no one better to head such a review. You can read more from David on his blog and website.

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David Boyle said...

Thank you, Jonathan. Very much appreciated!