Friday, June 15, 2012

Kathy Kerswell in Leicester

Today's papers, including the Guardian, are full of the news that Kathy Kerswell has received a £420,000 payout from Tory-run Kent County Council after working there for just 16 months.

Kathy Kerswell - or Kathy Kerswell-Reid as she then was - should be a familiar name to observers of Leicester politics. If it is not, the Local Government Chronicle from 1995 will help jog your memory:
Leicester City Council's ruling Labour group is bitterly split over leader Stewart Foster's friendship with an officer reported the Mail on Sunday (p6). 
The paper said that the officer, kathy Kerswell-Reid, has risen from junior personnel officer to head of the policy unit in under two years. 
She has now been sent on a paid one-year university course, the paper claims.
And the story is continued in an Independent article from the same year.

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