Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Six of the Best 252

"Slavery and exploitation are sadly alive and well in the UK.That is the obvious conclusion to be drawn from the Guardian’s revelations that the company contracted to provide stewards for the Jubilee events in London bussed unemployed people and apprentices into the city, where they worked without adequate toilet facilities and were instructed to sleep rough under London Bridge." A Scottish Liberal on this morning's Guardian story.

Working Memories offers a sane reaction to the Jubilee: "It’s days like these which really bring out some baffling contradictions and absurdities: and it’s days like these when I realise that this is exactly why I like this country so much."

Why does the BBC bother inviting expert guests on to its programmes when they are treated so rudely? wonders Time Flies like an arrow: Fruit flies like a banana.

London Welsh should be allowed to play in rugby union's Premiership next season, argues Eaten by Missionaries.

Writing in the New York Review of Books, J. Hoberman remembers the days when Westerns were un-American.

"London is known to be a rainy town, which isn't thought to be an ideal location for uplifting inspiration, but Londoner Gavin Hammond finds captivating beauty in his city's soaked streets. Hammond's series entitled London in Puddles depicts a sombre yet intriguing view of the damp town, focusing on puddles that reflect its surrounding citizens and architecture." See his photographs on My Modern Met.

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