Saturday, June 23, 2012

Robert Wann and David Parsons latest

They are beleaguered. They are embattled. And they are both from Leicestershire. Let's see how they are getting on.

Robert Wann, says the Leicester Mercury, has spoken out after the finding against him by the city council's standards committee:
"I believe it's a stitch-up and Peter Soulsby is behind it. This matter had been dealt with until he became elected mayor. 
"The whistleblower complained to the council. It was looked into and that was that. Nothing wrong. 
"Then the whistleblower took it to Sir Peter when he was an MP. 
"It was not until he became mayor he reported me to standards. I believe he's been running the whole thing. 
"If I'd been there to have my say it would have been very different but I repeatedly said I could not do that date but it went ahead anyway."
Leicester Labour does seem riven with all sorts of personal and political feuds, but note this comment on the posting I made about this affair yesterday.

Meanwhile, says the Mercury, David Parsons - leader of the ruling Conservative group on Leicestershire County Council - faces a motion of no confidence within his own group following the finding against him by the county's standards committee.

Leicestershire Conservatives have been unswerving in their support of Parsons, so it will be a surprise if he loses the vote.

However, the Mercury quotes a "senior Tory" as saying:
"There is a feeling David's position is as weak as it has ever been and now might be the chance to dislodge him. The vultures are circling. 
"The committee questioned his honesty, integrity, leadership and accountability and those are important issues to members."
Just another day in Leicestershire politics.

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