Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harborough dogs to escape rough justice

Back in April I reported on Harborough District Council's draconian plans to limit where dogs could be walked off the lead.

Yesterday a press release appeared on the council's website suggesting that it has listened to the outcry and come up with something more sensible:
Councillors said that, having listened to feedback from the public, they felt a holistic ban on dogs being off leads was not an appropriate option for the Harborough district. 
The cross-party regulatory committee decided that dogs must be kept on leads in: 
  • Children’s play areas 
  • Sports pitches maintained with public expenses 
  • Footpaths adjacent to roads with a speed limit of 40mph or less 
  • Church yards (sic.) and cemeteries
The details of which specific areas will be applicable are to be drawn up by the council over the coming weeks, with the final decision being ratified by Full Council in September.
This sounds much more sensible than the original proposals. There is more comment on the HOWL - Harborough Owners Walking Lobby - Facebook page.

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