Friday, June 22, 2012

A television channel for Shropshire

The Shropshire Star reports:
The County Channel will be launched as Shropshire’s own version of the BBC iPlayer, offering ‘high-quality’ programmes with a local twist. 
Mr Ward and business partner Robert Harper hope to put out about 260 programmes a year, with documentaries and music shows on the schedule. 
They said that they want to make ‘broadcast quality’ shows that can be watched by people around the world once the channel goes live. 
It is intended that the programmes would all be of a short length, lasting between three and seven minutes each.
The pair hope the channel will help turn Shropshire into a ‘centre of excellence’ for the broadcasting industry, with training established to provide skills in presenting, editing and directing.
You can hear more about the plans in the channel above.

The Star is excited by the prospect of a soap opera set in the county, but I was drawn to the Pocket History series and its pilot episode on What the Romans Did for Us.

The film is nicely done. I had not heard of the Roman capture of the hill fort on the Wrekin and I like the observation that the establishment of a currency is a necessary precursor to the development of prostitution.

And as it was filmed on top of the Wrekin, the views are stunning.

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Simon said...

From a Roman spear head embedded in a charred gate post and the remains of a Cornovian gravestone we conclude that accountancy may have been the oldest profession.

An interesting start for a young channel!