Monday, June 04, 2012

Lembit Opik carried from the ring on a stretcher

Back in April this blog reported that Lembit Opik would make his wrestling debut at Welshpool Town Hall on 2 June. You are no doubt wondering how he got on.

The Daily Express enlightens us:
Former MP Lembit Opik’s latest bid for stardom got off to a bruising start – after he was stretchered out of a wrestling ring by paramedics. 
The attention-seeking Liberal Democrat hoped to launch a new career as a professional wrestler following previous forays as a stand-up comedian, reality TV star, music video dancer and consort to a Cheeky Girl. 
But yet again his dreams of being in the spotlight came crashing down, as he was tossed around by 18-stone opponent Kade Callous before being floored by several blows to the face. 
Opik, 47, wearing an ill-fitting T-shirt, tracksuit trousers and kneepads, looked in agony as he was taken away by medics ... clutching his stomach and wearing a neckbrace.


Mark said...

Lembit Opik has obviously had a nervous breakdown and needs help.

I'm not quite sure what articles like this will do to help (or posting them online for that matter)

crewegwyn said...

The video footage (available via Guido Fawkes) is pretty shocking.

Paul Walter said...

Let's hope Lembit gets better soon....

Anonymous said...

Someone please find him something useful to do.