Friday, June 01, 2012

When smoke stood up from Ludlow

Much as I love Shropshire, sometimes it is safer to live in Leicestershire.

Today, for instance, a small earthquake was felt around Ludlow and Church Stretton. It didn't compete with the Bishop's Castle earthquake of 1990, which I felt at work in Leicester, but it still Makes You Think.

And then there is this, which Castle News broke today:
Tankers have been transporting water into Bishop’s Castle by road for the past two weeks after a contamination scare. 
Water has been tankered into town from Ludlow since a borehole was closed by Severn Trent water company two weeks ago. The Clungunford borehole was closed because spilt oil had contaminated the ground near the bore hole.
Which, given that Lydbury North is a couple of miles south of the town, is probably connected with this story from Monday's Shropshire Star:
A 45-year-old man had an amazing escape after his tanker plunged down an embankment in Shropshire, trapping him inside for nearly two hours. 
The water tanker left the road and rolled through a hedge becoming coming to rest on its side in a field near Lydbury North.
Still, some people thrive on the danger. This morning the BBC Shropshire pages reported that a lady called Mary Wolfe has just retired from providing teas at Bishop's Castle Community Hospital at the age of 100.


Stephen Bigger said...

Miss Ballinger's work, perhaps?

Jonathan Calder said...

Has to be.