Friday, July 13, 2012

Allegations of bullying at Ludlow Town Council

In the early days of this blog the goings on at Ludlow Town Council kept my readers entertained. There was the fight that broke out and the dog who attended meetings.

Now the authority is back in the news, or at least the South Shropshire Journal:
Four councillors have been called on to stand down from Ludlow Town Council amid allegations of bullying, following the resignation of the authority’s clerk. 
Former town mayor John Aitken and fellow councillors Viv Parry, Susan McCormack and Jeffry Wilcox have been accused of bullying town clerk Veronica Calderbank over a period of several months and failing to act in the interests of the people of the town.
The report goes on to say that a dossier of letters and town council committee minutes connected with the allegations was presented at a meeting of the council on Monday and that at least one of those named denies those allegations.

On a happier note, we have managed to obtain an exclusive interview with Sarky, the dog who used to attend meetings...

Liberal England: So, Sarky, what was it like attending meetings of Ludlow Town Council?

Sarky: Rough!

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Anonymous said...

This situation is sadly very typical of a number of town and parish councils in shropshire - all of which have ongoing problems with member behavour. Perhaps the UK government and abolish the sector - diver the precept from these council into the lead authorities and ensure that localities are managed properly. It is rare that you hear of staff issues at County level - that's because their staff are protected by HR departments and experienced managers. Town Clerk's work in isolation and are at the mercy of members with nowhere to go but the Courts when things go wrong! It really is time for change in this sector!