Monday, July 16, 2012

Six of the Best 261

The Potter Blogger attended the Social Liberal Forum's second annual conference in London on Saturday.

"I was walking down a street near my home when I heard sirens. No surprise in that. A police car raced past. No surprise in that. It was followed by a people mover, with darkened windows. Its sliding door was open and paramilitary-attired officers were pointing out sub-machine guns at passers by. I have witnessed such scenes in the various authoritarian countries I have worked in. But this was central London in 2012." The price of our safety shouldn't be our freedom, says John Kampfner in the Independent.

Transparency Books claims to have the dope on the dark side of the Olympics.

"I've visited the site perhaps four times and it has a strange power for me. It is not hard to imagine myself there on 14 June 1645. Other things to attract visitors? A short way to the north over the Leicestershire border is picturesque Market Harborough." Siba The Hat visits Naseby, site of the decisive battle of the English Civil War.
Dory's World is equally taken with Dungeness: "It is like a post-apocalyptic landscape, a graveyard for old boats and sheds. It is completely amazing and I want to live there."
The Hobbit was published in the Soviet Union, complete with some striking illustrations, reports Retronaut.

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