Thursday, July 26, 2012

Six of the Best 263

Caron's Musings was in Edinburgh when Vince Cable answered questions from Scottish Liberal Democrat members: "I collected together tweets from the event which cover most of the questions and put them in a storify thingy which is below for your enjoyment. There are more photos and even a bit of mischief. Find out exactly what Vince said about the cult of youth."

What would David Cairns make of Archbishop Tartaglia? asks A Scottish Liberal.

The latest local hero from Liberal Democrat Voice is Camden's Flick Rea, a stalwart of the Liberal Revue. What is more, I have shamelessly stolen their photograph.

Austin Mitchell recently told the Yorkshire and Humber Association of Civic Society that there are too many listed buildings and that the only criterion for keeping listed buildings should be that they have a current use. Writing in the Ripon Gazette, David Winpenny disagrees.

Somewhere during my holiday England have lost a test match against South Africa horribly. Leg Side Filth looks at our chances of fighting back.

Derelict Places visits the former Heckingham Workhouse in Norfolk.

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