Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Write a guest post for Liberal England - please!

Look. I am on holiday and I want to keep this blog going. So how about you share the burden a little and write me a guest post?

I am chiefly interested in political posts, but as you can see from the list of 28 guests below, this blog has a wide range of interests.

If you would like to write a guest post yourself, please send me an email so we can discuss your idea.

  • In praise of slow government - Simon Beard
  • Children and the surveillance state: Will the Coalition keep its word? - Terri Dowty
  • Standards matter in higher education, not just participation rates - Anonymous
  • A Woking class hero is something to be - Lisa Harding
  • The campaign for a Robin Hood Tax - Ian Sullivan
  • The limits of the Big Society - Martin Veart
  • Can hyperlocal news sites be the future of journalism? - Niall Sullivan
  • How Edward Stourton misunderstood The Orange Book - Simon Titley
  • Why I caged my son: The Love Outdoor Play campaign - Daniel Raven-Ellison
  • Against the Comment is Free view of politics - Jonathan King
  • A beginner's guide to anarchism - Ruth Kinna
  • The other side of suicide - Elinor O'Neill
  • AV, politicians and the wasted vote - Chris Slowe
  • Creative Perambulations: Marking the boundaries of Sherwood Forest - Dave Wood
  • Towards a Liberal Democrat ideology - Simon Beard
  • The community shops movement - Mike Perry
  • Why the Liberal Democrats should support co-operatives - Peter Arnold
  • Grandparents or adoption: Who would you choose? - Peter Hulme
  • Arts Fresco, Market Harborough, 9-11 September 2011 - Hazel Cook
  • Richard Jefferies and Coate: A centenary celebration - Rebecca Welshman
  • "A modest county": Pevsner in Leicestershire - Susie Harries
  • Anthony Burgess in Leicester - Phil Beesley
  • Why you should visit The Bog - Paul Davis
  • Blogging for happiness - Ellen Arnison
  • An economic liberal case for a consumer-driven economy - Matt Burrows
  • John Locke and Wrington - Lisa Harding
  • Spelling out the reason to vote Liberal Democrat - Andrew Brown
  • Tommie Smith - The man behind the image - Matt Roebuck
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    crewegwyn said...

    I sent you a copy of an article on charming Shropshire bus routes. What more can a poor man do?