Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Nick Clegg helps clean up Beauchief Gardens in Sheffield

On Sunday Nick Clegg pitched in to help clean up a Sheffield beauty spot, reports the Friends of Millhouses Park site:
Nick and local Lib Dem councillor Colin Ross joined the Friends of Millhouses Park at Beauchief Gardens to help with gardening duties. 
The work is part of the Friends on-going commitment to maintain the Gardens, which were donated to the city by the J. G. Graves Trust in 1935 and are situated next to Beauchief Dam. 
The level of care had declined up until the 1990s, until the Friends of Millhouses Park stepped in to restore the Gardens.
It goes on to quote Nick:
“It was a pleasure to help the Friends of Millhouses Park and Park Ranger team at Beauchief Gardens. 
“It is easy to take Sheffield’s many green and open spaces for granted. But it is worth remembering that we only have these beauty spots because of volunteer’s hard work right across our City. 
“They all deserve our upmost gratitude and there is no better way to show support than getting your hands dirty and joining in.”
Beauchief Gardens can be found close to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, which I am keen to visit one day.


Joe Otten said...

Yes highly recommend the Hamlet.

Steve Rudd said...

Good job experience for Clegg after the next general election, though after the mess they've made of the coalition, should Clegg really be in charge of anything so important as a public park