Monday, July 23, 2012

Ed Davey to vanquish George Osborne?

Geoffrey Lean writes for the Daily Telegraph about the current row over energy subsidies - the item is down the page after some agreeably batty speculation about the meaning of sacred sites:
The Whitehall battle goes back to the mutual antagonism between the Chancellor and the combative – but now hors de combat – former energy secretary Chris Huhne. The most interesting thing is not that Mr Osborne continues to block the subsidies, but that the much more peaceable Mr Davey is standing his ground. 
It will probably need the PM to break the stalemate, but I'm told the smart money is backing Mr Davey to win. Does he have rather more steel in him than at first it might appear?
I am not familiar with the ins and outs of this issue - I remain puzzled that anyone needs a subsidy to generate energy when it is such a basic human need - but it is good to see Ed Davey emerging as a significant politician.

Perhaps he read my appeal to him to light my fire?

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