Friday, July 13, 2012

A dig in Leicester to find Richard III?

Last month I wrote about the strong possibility that the bones of Richard III still lie under the streets of Leicester. It seems that someone is trying to fund a dig to find them.

For a note on the website King Richard Armitage: Support Network for the Film 'Richard III' says:
An archaeological dig is scheduled to take place this summer in Leicester, seeking the last resting place of Richard III, and hoping to find and re-inter his remains with proper solemnity. In addition it is hoped the excavations will be filmed, and then form part of a proposed landmark TV special telling Richard’s real story. 
We are appealing to you today because the project dig has encountered a sudden and unforeseen shortfall of £10,000. We are desperately trying to raise this sum and avert the closing down of the dig – that’s why we are appealing URGENTLY for pledges.
Should you feel moved you can pledge funds to the dig online, though I had better emphasise that I know nothing about the people behind this project.

Still, they do have some useful resources on the death of Richard III on their site.


Ron Combo said...

When I was at Leicester Poly hundreds of years ago the word was that they chucked his cadaver in the Soar. Been away a long time 'though.

Jonathan Calder said...

That's a well-known story, but there is not contemporary evidence for it - see my earlier post.

CDoart said...

Thank you very much for the mentioning of the KingRichardArmitage website and our attempt to help screenwriter Philippa Langley to cover the shortfall for the planned archaeology project in Leicester. Please feel free to contact me for more information and contact details. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was in that car park back in October 2010 and I had given relevant information to Philippa Langley as to the whereabouts to his remains. I have only just found out that this is going on when she had sent me details and pledge for money for this project.