Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Six of the Best 258

Alex Smethurst has a good article on Liberal Democrat Voice: "Social mobility and paid internships are connected. But I’m concerned with a culture that expects ‘experience’ before employment; a culture that expects you to work for free, afford rent with no income and have zero job security. This is stopping social mobility, not increasing it."

"The Conservatives are beginning to get the treatment that the Liberal Democrats had in the first two years of the coalition. We had the moral fibre to cope: I wonder if the Tories do too?" The past few weeks have not shown the British Conservative Party in a very good light, argues Cicero's Songs.

"A regional pay system would take tens of millions of pounds out of Cornwall's economy and lead a downward spiral of pay as the public sector levels help to keep private sector pay up too." Today Cornwall Council backed a Lib Dem motion opposing any move towards regional pay or regional benefit levels, reports A Lanson Boy.

io9 has some remarkable photographs of the Statue of Liberty on display in Paris before it was shipped to New York.

There’s something obscurely odd about Brixworth's cricket ground, finds Backwatersman - before meeting me on the bus home from Long Buckby and Stanley Unwin's grave.

Viennalife visits the Kaiserdom in Königslutter am Elm, Lower Saxony, which turns out to be a beautiful cathedral with no bishop but some strange rabbits.

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