Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Ouseburn Mausoluem and Walburn Hall

Twice this week I have whizzed past remarkable and unexpected buildings on the bus. Not have the OS map with me at the time, I have been obliged to pore over bus timetables, Google Maps and even Google Satellite to identify them. But I think I have managed it in both cases.

The first was on the bus journey from York to Ripon, when I saw a remarkable domed 18th century building behind an ancient church. This turned out to be the Thompson Mausoleum at Little Ouseburn, built in 1742 for Henry Thompson of Kirkby Hall.

It had fallen into decrepitude - not helped when a fully laden Wellington bomber came down in a neighbouring field during World War II - but is has been restored and is now looked after by the Friends of the Little Ouseburn Mausoleum.

Photo: Alan Murray-Rust
Then today, on the bus from Ripon to Richmond, I passed a farmhouse that looked as though it had once been something far grander. I was right.

Walburn Hall, says CastlesUK:
was originally a medieval fortified manor house, founded by the Scrope family. In the late 15th century, the Siggiswick family acquired the house and founded a fortified hall. The two courtyards, were once enclosed by a high embattled curtain wall, with a well-preserved wall walk and a simple gateway. In the inner court, are remains of a small single storey hall, with the hall porch, a two storey wing and a late 16th century eastern range in the outer court. Behind the lower cross wing, is the huge stepped stack of the detached kitchen block.
Photo: C.P. Smith

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