Sunday, July 01, 2012

Pluto: Dat

Some of the first reggae songs to trouble the UK singles chart were novelty records. There were, for instance, Boris Gardiner's Elizabethan Reggae in 1970 and this one from Pluto Shervington, which made no. 6 in 1975.

Dat sounds very jolly, but what is it about?

Go to SongMeanings and Yabba - I instinctively trust someone called Yabba - will enlighten you:
OK this is the real meaning and trust me this is what the song is about... 
Ozzy is working out his grocery bill to see if he has enough money to buy some weed, he cant afford to buy expensive meats if he buys some weed he can only afford pork but he wants to keep it quiet as his rasta friends are against eating pork. 
He visits the butcher who lists all his meats to which ozzy replys he cant afford, 'goat? i might kill i queen' meaning no that will use all my money ' fish?...i got children out of that range' i need to feed my family fish is out of my price range. 
The butcher then tells him to take the cheaper pork and ozzy tells him to be quiet as his friends might hear instead he just points at it and chooses to call it 'dat ting der' he then bumps into one of his strict rasta friends while carrying his pork home in a bag and worrys he might discover he has pork in his bag, his friend then gives him a joint and suggests they share the food in the bag.

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The Tripod said...

This is a favourite of mine on the Nags Head jukebox.