Friday, July 27, 2012

Nick Clegg answers 20 questions

Last month I reported that the RSPB was inviting questions for Nick Clegg and that the best 20 of them would be put to him after he returned from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

The charity has now posted those questions and Nick's answers:
Nick, what actions the coalition have taken to justify the PM's claim to be the greenest government ever? 
RSPB members should not be in any doubt of our commitment to being the greenest government ever. We have pledged to half greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 - the boldest target set, in law, by any government, anywhere in the world, we are leading the biggest shakeup of the electricity market in thirty years and we are creating the UK’s first ever market in energy efficiency through the Green Deal. We are investing in a series of world firsts despite the huge pressures on the public purse. The first ever national bank devoted to green investment, the first ever Carbon Capture and Storage project at commercial scale and in just a few days, the greenest ever Olympic and Paralympic Games. 
Periods of economic reinvention force us to do things differently, but lean times can be green times too. We have the sixth largest low carbon market in the world, our green industries are booming. They employ 940,000 people - up 2.8% from last year. Sales in the green economy are also growing at a rate of 4.7%. At the Rio Summit, we could play a lead role precisely because we were able to point to leadership at home. The economic situation creates challenge, but it has not weakened our resolve, it has only strengthened our ambition. The Summit is over but the work continues and the UK will continue to lead from the front.

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cynicalHighlander said...

RSPB members should not be in any doubt of our commitment to being the greenest government ever.

Next joke we are against student fees.

Next joke we will not subsidise the nuclear industry.

Next joke we will sort out the banks only we wont tell you how or when until the banks tell us.