Wednesday, June 06, 2018

"A kind of minor princeling": Backwatersman on cricket at Oakham

Backwatersman, who lives across the road from me, is an advertisement for specialising in blogging and for concentrating on quality rather than quantity. Those are two lessons that I have always declined to learn.

His latest post follows Leicestershire's unsuccessful Royal London One-day Cup campaign.

One of these 50-over games was played, not in Leicestershire, but in Rutland:
The fixture at Oakham School should have been another, perhaps more adult, kind of fun. Leicestershire last played there ten years ago, but I remember it as a regular fixture in the calendar. 
My memories of it include Stuart Broad, making his debut against Somerset, not long after leaving the school, and already a kind of minor princeling, attended by a retinue of pashmina-ed girls, and boys with the collars of their polo shirts turned up (for such, readers, were the fashions of the time).

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