Sunday, June 03, 2018

Is Andrew Newton still alive? The police should read this blog

I am beginning to think I should have been a detective - something along the lines of John Gregson's Commander George Gideon.

Today's newspapers are full of the revelation that Andrew Newton, who shot Norman Scott's dog Rinka, may still be alive.

That will not have been such a revelation to anyone who reads this blog.

Last Sunday, after spending a very few minutes on Google, I posted what reads very like an account of a meeting with a healthy Andrew Newton from 2015.

Perhaps Gwent police read it, because until today they believed he was dead.

Their interest in taking to Newton appears to stem from 2016, when Dennis Meighan told the Mail on Sunday that he was offered money to kill Scott.

Which makes it odd, as I said in 2016, that his story was mentioned by Auberon Waugh in the Spectator way back in 1981.

Anyway, all this is in danger of getting sub judice, so I shall say no more.

Keep 'em peeled.

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Phil Beesley said...

Good news! The non-disappearance of Andrew Newton is solved in today's Mail on Sunday. How they could have failed is beyond my comprehension.

The real mystery is Norman Scott's obsession with his National Insurance card. About 30 million NI cards would have been in use at the time but Mr Scott seems to have believed himself the only one who "lost" a card and was unable to request a replacement. The informal economy was scrutinised less rigorously in those days and most people were paid in cash, on or off the books. And Mr Scott worked in the Republic of Ireland which shared employee data with the UK.