Thursday, June 28, 2018

Six of the Best 801

Rafael Behr explains why Britain needs fewer Boris-style bullshitters and more backstage legal bores.

Banning plastic straws may be hip, but there are much better ways to fight pollution, says Adam Minter.

"During the 20th century, there were dozens of camps in Britain, which housed tens of thousands of Belgians, Jews, Basques, Poles, Hungarians, Anglo-Egyptians, Ugandan Asians, and Vietnamese." Jordanna Bailkin uncovers the history of British refugee camps.

Zeitgeist Tapes podcast reviews A Very English Scandal.

"Radical Essex sets about showing us a different side to the county, and introducing us to alternative figures from its history." Read the review by Natalie Bradbury.

David Youngblood on Casablanca: "When I think of the film, the first thing that comes to my mind isn’t 'Here’s looking at you, kid,' or 'We’ll always have Paris,' or the song 'As Time Goes By,' or any of the other often best-remembered parts. For me, it’s always 'La Marseillaise' - the duelling anthems between French refugees and their German occupants singing 'Die Wacht am Rhein.' I’ve never found a movie scene yet that can match it."


The Singing Organ-Grinder said...

I found myself calling it A Very British Scandal too. But Britain is so 70s.

Jonathan Calder said...

So am I, but I have corrected it. Thanks!