Thursday, June 28, 2018

Theresa May opposed Brexit and a third runway at Heathrow

Theresa May warned during the EU referendum campaign that
if we do vote to leave the European Union, we risk bringing the development of the single market to a halt, we risk a loss of investors and businesses to remaining EU member states driven by discriminatory EU policies, and we risk going backwards when it comes to international trade. But the big question is whether, in the event of Brexit, we would be able to negotiate a new free trade agreement with the EU and on what terms.
She also gave a clear warning of the problems Brexit would lead to at the Irish border.

And. as the video above shows, she also opposed a third runway at Heathrow.

Once you could also read of this opposition on Maidenhead Conservatives' website, but that page has strangely disappeared.

But some kind person has preserved it.
Does Theresa May believe in anything? The causes have both been dropped, just like the promise she made to tackle those burning injustices when she became prime minister.

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