Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Six of the Best 796

Masha Gessen on the life, death and resurrection of Arkady Babchenko.

"Why is there so little electrification? Why does it take an hour to travel the 45 miles between Manchester and Leeds?" Northern rail passengers are right to be angry at London ministers for abandoning them, says Ben Chu.*

"I was 35, I was older and wiser but I thought they were great. I thought they were terrific because they never stopped talking and I liked that. I love exchanging ideas and having arguments." Joan Bakewell remembers the Sixties and the decade's student activists.

Marc Mulholland offers a list of working-class heroes in books, including one from a Dickens Christmas story that was once "at least as famous and beloved as A Christmas Carol".

What has happened to Northampton's rebel heart? Mike Ingram wants to know.

Danile Gosbee visits Elton and Orston, which is Nottinghamshire's least used station.

* Note that I have avoided the obvious joke about Ben Chu-Chu.

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