Thursday, June 14, 2018

Lembit Opik and Parmjit Singh Gill in space

A press release reaches us:
Former Liberal Democrat MPs Lembit Öpik and Parmjit Singh Gill join Conservative MP Nigel Evans as newly elected Members of Parliament for Asgardia, the first space nation. Asgardia recently closed its Parliamentary elections and appointed 147 members to its Parliament, tasked with representing the best interests of over 200,000 Asgardian citizens from all over the world. 
But where, I hear you ask, is Asgardia?

Asgardia: The Space Kingdom explains:
Asgardia will be a fully fledged, independent nation inhabited on a low Earth orbit. It began with a satellite, Asgardia-1, that was launched in 2017, to be followed by an orbital satellite constellation launch in 2019-2020, and later by other satellite constellations and Space Arks, as well as by settlements on the Moon.
I think they have chosen their representatives wisely.
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

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