Friday, June 08, 2018

Marc Riley gives me another excuse to post Paper Sun

Earlier this week Marc Riley and Rob Hughes reached T in their A-Z of Psychedelia. As they have good taste, one of the Ts was Traffic.

You can hear them for the next month on the BBC iPlayer starting at 1:32:00. They give a summary to Traffic's career and changing personnel and play two of their records.

One is Hole in My Shoe (which the other members threw Dave Mason out of the band for writing) and the other is the wonderful Paper Sun. It gets a little better each time I hear it (and I have heard it a lot of times now).

The others Ts are Tomorrow and The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream. Groovy.

I like Riley's idea of a Blind Faith tribute band called Blind Drunk. And I like that the iPlayer goes up to 11.

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