Thursday, June 07, 2018

Market Harborough will be the northern limit of electrification on the Midland main line

When Chris "Failing" Grayling finally announced his decision to scrap plans for the full electrification of the Midland main line, it was widely reported - not least by this blog - that the wires would stop at Kettering.

Today the government released the documents for those who wish to tender to run the service on the line and these show that the electrification will reach one station further north.

It will reach Market Harborough.

I would like to welcome this as recognition of my home town's growing importance as economic and cultural hub, but the reason for it may be more prosaic.

At Braybrooke, a couple of miles south of here, the electrification plans will see transformers built at the point high-voltage lines cross the railway.

So if you are electrifying the line to Braybrooke, you might as well electrify it to Market Harborough.


Anonymous said...

Where ought I to be?

Herbert Eppel said...

It ought to be Leicester, obviously :-)