Saturday, June 16, 2018

Six of the Best 798

"Few watching this week’s pitiful events will have thought that Westminster any longer has much claim to be called the Mother of Parliaments." Chris Grey on another week of Brexit.

Simon Lewis and Mark Maslin reckon universal basic income and rewilding can save society from collapse.

It’s undeniable that the Donald Trump is wrecking the US-led international order. The only question left, says Fred Kaplan, is whether he's doing it on purpose.

"Macfarlane says it has been inspiring to hear of how the book is making a genuine difference. Among the many messages and photographs he has received was one about a school in Whitby in which 170 children left the classroom for a day to visit the woods, beach and riverbanks nearby." Chris Burn reports on the campaign to get Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris's The Lost Words into schools.

Christopher Jackson interviews Henry Blofeld, who gives us a glimpse of the politics of the England dressing room and of the Test Match Special commentary box. (He like Graeme Swann but not Sir Geoffrey.)

Sam Roberts discovers the less-known Northern end of New York's Broadway.

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