Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Zombies: Imagine the Swan

Time of the Season was a sleeper hit in the States. So much so, that by the time it reached no. 3 there The Zombies had split up and their writers, Rod Argent and Chris White, were working on material for the new band Argent.

There was an attempt to cash in however. There was talk of a new LP made up of outtakes from Odesssey and Oracle and the odd new song.

The album never appeared, but this track was recorded for it and even appeared as a single. Did The Zombies ever record a bad song?

Not that it is really The Zombies playing. Rod Argent and Hugh Grundy are there, but the bass player is the late Jim Rodford and the guitarist is Rick Birkett.

Rodford and Birkett both joined Argent, but the latter was soon replaced by Russ Ballard. As well as being the band's lead guitarist he was its singer and wrote some of its songs.

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