Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Christopher Chope is the school bully

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Let's give Sir Christopher Chope a hearing:
"The objection was to do with the bill not being given enough time to be heard and debated properly. 
"There are concerns surrounding the details of this bill and these need to be debated properly. 
"If the government want this bill then there is nothing to stop them giving more time to it and I would welcome that. The objection is not to the bill in principle. 
"Any concerns that we do have could be addressed if we are given more time. 
"I’ve got broad shoulders so I can cope with the criticism, but I do feel I have been made a scapegoat in this."
No, he's not talking about his decision to block Wera Hobhouse's bill to criminalise upskirting.

This is Chope talking to his local paper the Daily Echo in 2010 after he had blocked a bill that would have protected Third World countries from "vulture fund" operators.

It's a reminder of just how long he has devoted his Friday afternoons to frustrating the efforts of other backbench MPs to make the world a better place.

He was doing it with the late Eric Forth long before Philip Davies came along.

Why does Chope do it?

Some defend him because he does not believe in these private members' bills at all. But he has moved his own in the past. And since when has a single backbencher got to decide how the house operates?

There are those in the Commons who would abolish the monarchy. Should they oppose all new legislation because they don't believe it should have to receive royal assent?

No, there is something of the school bully about Chope. He takes a delight in coming across shiny-eyed new MPs who are ardent to change the world and showing them that the Commons is no place for such ambitions.

He's like a prep school tough who raids the junior dorm on the look out for teddy bears and photographs from home that he can taunt younger boys with ever afterwards.

Yes, private member's bills can be unnecessary, badly drafted or play to the gallery. But at heart Chope is just the school bully.

Which is why I am not surprised to see he is given to whining about being a "scapegoat" when his activities are exposed.

As prep school headmasters used to be given to observing, bullies are always cowards.

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nigel hunter said...

Yes he is a bully,backs down when confronted. He is arrogant, right wing. He thinks he is part of the elite (Tories). He has been 'in charge'too long.It is time he retired.