Thursday, July 16, 2020

Andy Burnham peddles an absurd view of the North

It's been floated by Boris Johnson, so there will be no more substance to it than there was to his bridge over this Irish Sea, but I like the idea of moving the House of Lords to York.

York is a wonderful historic city and the upper house should be elected from the nations and regions and meet well away from London.

Not everyone is happy with the idea:

At least Morrell Professor Emerita in Political Philosophy Sue Mendus, who taught me at the University of York many years ago, put Burnham right.

Burnham has always traded on being from the North of England, but this is not the first time he has adopted a view of the region that accords with the most ignorant Southerner's stereotype of it.

In the Greater Manchester mayoral election he tweeted:

Fortunately, this fantasy North of Burnham's that lacks historic buildings or coffee shops has little to do with the real thing.

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