Tuesday, July 07, 2020

It was 50 years ago today: John Barleycorn Must Die

Well, 50 years ago this month, because I have seen various release dates quoted for Traffic's LP John Barleycorn Must Die.

It began as a Steve Winwood solo album, but he soon decided he needed to get the gang together.

The critics like it:
"Winwood. Traffic. Here is some group," raved Circus magazine, when the group reconvened for the John Barleycorn Must Die album. "There is no better,” drooled their reviewer Jonathan Eisen. “It is not Cream or Blind Faith. It is not Miles Davis. It is not The Beatles. It is not the Traffic of yore. It is merely the best, the quintessence of what rock is, what it could be."
Here is the title track. Mainly Norolk discusses the recent history of this folk song - Steve Winwood got his version from the Watersons.

Reader's voice: I thought this was meant to be a political blog. Three of your last five posts have been music videos.

Liberal England replies: Chill daddio.

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nigel hunter said...

John Barleycorn .Great for today's (all versions) pub goers in a Covid world!!??
I like Sandy Denny's Who knows where the time goes. Hint .we have ,what ,4 years to get it right for the next election.
Folk music is full of History and politics and the fight for peoples rights.
Not to mention Enyo Moriconie's (Italian, died aged 91.Spelled wrongly?) hit about Loyd George