Monday, July 06, 2020

Six of the Best 941

Melissa Black argues that our system for diagnosing mental disorders doesn’t work and offers a humane, clinically sound alternative,

"'Build build build; is the wrong starting point. Planning is dominated by a target of building 300,000 homes each year, and the prime minister’s rhetoric reinforces that narrative. But one simple quantity metric on housing is dangerous and limiting when planning encompasses so much more." Alister Scott calls for any changes to the planning system to take account of the full range of problems we face.

Should the Guardian be accepting a subsidy from this government? asks Brain Cathcart.

Jonn Elledge reveals that the rise of outdoor socialising has exposed a previously hidden problem: the UK has privatised its toilets. 

"Take Hold My Hand for example. Three pitch-perfect harmonies, a driving percussive section and a palette of colourful guitars and the result is a pop song that stands nicely with many of the tracks Badfinger, ELO and, even, Wings released around the same time." Eoghan Lyng says 1978's 'The Rutles' album is a classic in its own right.

Stuart Broad is not guaranteed a start in Wednesday's first test, but Sam Morshead offers seven reasons why we should love him.

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