Saturday, July 11, 2020

Six of the Best 942

In 2016 Paul Pettinger wrote a Social Liberal Forum paper arguing that centrism doesn't work as a strategy for minor parties.

"The government failed to activate the full network of laboratories at its disposal - within the NHS, as well as in universities and independent research facilities. When the government did finally roll out wider testing, months later, it again bypassed existing labs and set up three, new mega-facilities whose operations - managed by Deloitte under the banner of 'lighthouse laboratories' - have been based on contracting arrangements about which there’s little public disclosure." Rachel Shabi says the British government's response to Covid-19 has been pro-privatisation shock therapy.

Sarah Simons says meritocracy is a myth but education can still open doors.

"Numerous studies have shown the mental and physical benefits of spending time in nature, but for some people, it took a pandemic and stay-at-home orders for that desire to spend more time outdoors to feel like a necessity." Children’s behaviour may suffer from lack of access to outdoor space, argues Meg St-Esprit McKivigan.

Jem Poster examines Richard Jefferies' influence on the poet Edward Thomas.

The lost hills and walkways of Nottingham city centre are explored by David Lowe.

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