Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Six of the Best 943

"People can privately believe what they like but we have to be very careful who we publicly associate ourselves with - especially when gifts and donations are concerned." Andrew Page says Liberal Democrats should have no connection with those who advocate conversion therapy for LGBT+ people.

Amy Clarke on the need to challenge those who blame Leicester's Covid-19 lockdown on minority communities.

James Harper believes that "The government’s recent proposal to suspend jury trials is a potential threat to the Rule of Law – i.e. a legal system that treats everyone equally and which you can access, no matter who you are."

If we can rewild river catchments and floodplains we can ease some of the severity of flooding, argues Rewilding Britain.

Isle of Dogs - Past Life, Past Lives has some wonderful photographs from the 1960s.

"Drake sold so few records in his lifetime he was scarcely a professional threat, but his blank immunity to approval and his unshowy refusal to compromise presented a form of unspoken challenge to Martyn, who affected not to care about such things but probably in the end cared too much." Graeme Thomson has written a book about the friendship between Nick Drake and John Martyn.

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