Friday, July 31, 2020

Germany: Fox steals over 100 shoes in Berlin

The judges took great pleasure in making today's Headline of the Day Award to Deutsche Welle for this tale of a vulpine Imelda Marcos.

Thank you to a reader for the nomination.


Anonymous said...

This won't help his attempt to become head of the World Trade Organisation.

Anonymous said...

But probably won't do any real harm, either.

david walsh said...

In sheer serendipity, the Deutsche Welle site story has a link to yet another story titled "'Hitler's alligator' that survived Battle of Berlin dies in Moscow"

"An alligator who survived the bombing of Berlin in 1943 and is rumoured to have belonged to Adolf Hitler has died in a Moscow zoo aged 84. "Animals are not involved in wars and politics," the zoo said."

Jonathan Calder said...

Thank you, David. You will see that has now done the double.