Friday, July 10, 2020

Ed Davey calls for action on pollution of the Wye

Ed Davey's Lib Dem leadership campaign risks being too focused on not upsetting moderate Tory voters in seats in the South of England where we are in second place. But maybe he has found an issue that is dear to my heart.

Powys's County Times reports that last month Ed raised concerns about the pollution of the River Wye in the county in the Commons.

Though its report seems to refer to a written question from Ed, the paper quotes him at length:
"Our natural environment is precious and there is none more precious than Wales’ beautiful River Wye," Sir Ed said in the House of Commons last month.

"I have very fond memories of youth hostelling along the River Wye with school friends and it is a vital resource to both the natural environment and the economy in Wales.

"We clearly need to see an action plan drawn up between Powys County Council and the Welsh and UK Governments that protects this beautiful river, the tourist economy that it sustains and supports the farming community that is helping feed the nation."
Ah well, no man who loves the rivers of the Welsh border can be all bad. And generating local newspaper coverage across the region from a written question is impressive.

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