Sunday, July 26, 2020

Brian Protheroe: Pinball

I was going to say that this was a hit in 1974, but that would have been generous as it only made number 22 in the UK singles chart. That I have such clear memories of it suggests it received lots of play on Radio 1.

The wonder is that it did so well in the era of glam rock as it has no hooks and lacks even a chorus. It does have a cat though.

But the blogger Jittery White Guy Music likes it:
a simply delightful, understated jazzy pop track; it's entrancing and fascinating, the one song that leaves you wondering why it's not in regular rotation on oldies radio. 
And it still sounds interesting to me too.

Even in 1974 Protheroe was better known as an actor than a musician. A decade later he played Edward IV in three plays in the BBC Television Shakespeare, a major project that somehow failed to fulfil the hopes for it, and he is still working today.

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