Saturday, July 11, 2020

Little Bowden Crossing signal box, Market Harborough

This box stood on the line from Market Harborough to Northampton and could be found in the former at the junction of Scotland Road and Northampton Road.

It closed with the line in 1981 - I took this photo a year or so before that - but had an afterlife. Today you can find it on the Northampton & Lamport Railway under the name Pitsford and Brampton.

Meanwhile, there is no news on whether Little Bowden Junction box on the Midland main line survived the closure of Coventry's Electric Railway Museum. I fear it did not.


Unknown said...

Happily, the LB Junction box did survive the Coventry Museum closure, and now is at the Battlefield Line, Shackerstone, Leicestershire. I emailed them this morning, and they confirmed this, and informed that it's scheduled for restoration.
Tony Cook, Market Harborough.

Jonathan Calder said...

Many thanks for the information, Tony. I'll go and see it one day.